110619 Heechul Twitter Update: I’m wearing a nice outfit

19 Jun

110619 Heechul Twitter Update: ja-paghetti chef

110619 Heechul Twitter Update: Hey

However, there’s nowhere to go, so I came to Trax’s house. Jay went out (to film) drama, there’s Henry* and Jungmo here, but the aircon is spoilt and I’d walked at a speed like this XX ㅡㅡ I came here on foot.. Damn!


I’m going out now. I’m wearing a nice outfit and go to a beautiful place. Dictator of Midnight who likes the cold moon rather than the warm sunhttp://yfrog.com/kev50ij


Source: @Heedictator
Translated by @SJ_market & @ujutr4ns
Posted: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Repost by KimHanday@SuperJunior13elieve

















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