[TRANSCRIPT] KBS Kiss The Radio – From 110626

27 Jun

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– Updated –

Eunhyuk gives himself a 95 out of 100, why?

EH: Ending is here already in flash.. In Taiwan, variety was quite gloomy to me (cause of langauge barrier, he was not able to speak freely ^^) Where can I find this kind of one hour program which let me say anything I like~ I want to talk more, but Leeteuk-ssi is waiting at a side already. I hope I could hear comments from listeners like “Ah, Eunhyuk-ssi is getting different~” (which means he is getting better, lol)

LT: Eunhyuk-ssi, how do you feel?

EH: The broadcast went through relaxingly~

LT: Really? How relaxing?

EH: Telling listeners’ stories, answering their questions or give comments about their incident, this made me feel closer to them ~

LT: If 100 is full score, what score will you give yourself?

EH: What is this score for~

LT: How much score will you give?

EH: 95…?

LT: Why 95?

EH: Ah.. really..

LT: Why 95??

EH: I didn’t give myself the 5 marks because I am humble!

Eunhyuk’s schooldays 

EH: If we talk in class, usually the friends sitting infront or at back, left or right can hear us, so we would write messages on a piece of paper, like “Have you eaten?” These clumsy messages when written word by word, can be more understandable. Oh and, when classmates forgot to bring pencil, eraser or other stationery, we must take care of them, we must learn how to observe the surrounding and see who needs our help!

Eunhyuk, Professor of Maths

EH: During secondary time, I once scored 100 for my Mathematics exam. Please don’t give comment like this : “Ah, any one can do this!”, cause there’s still people who can’t achieve this score, and this is one of the event I am proud of. I can really do well in maths, my nickname was “Professor of Maths” that time. Not the kind of professor who can work out calculation really fast, but the kind of professor who calculate step by step and end up with correct answers.


Eunhyuk wanted to study again for his child’s good

EH: Many of us ask our parent question we don’t know on studies. When I didn’t know how to solve a question, I will think, what if my father and mother have no idea how to do too? Then they won’t be able to show a talented side to their child. So, I am planning, when I get married, I want to study all primary and secondary subjects again, to teach my child in the future!

Eunhyuk’s treasure are gifts from ELF

EH: I keep gifts, letters from fans in a big box. As time goes by, as I grew older, these will become my biggest treasure! I will take those things out and exclaim “Ah, I was like this last time!” These are all things that I could be proud of, I will show them off to my children and family. Everyone, please don’t think that people treating you good is something necessary and what they must do, we must always accept their good treatment to us with a thankful heart. Once again, thank you for loving me.

Eunhyuk prefers straightforward speaking

EH: Sometimes, we must be honest when talking to other, don’t try to beautify your words, be more straightforward on what you actually wanted to say, perform this charm of human. I’m also spilling my heart honestly to listener through this radio broadcast, instead of beautifying my words, I tell them out in a careful way. I hope there’s more spaces for me to speak straightforwardly, and try my best to show my honest side to everyone.

Korean to Chinese translated by : 凝幻
Chinese to English translated by : ALLRISEUNHAE (@ALLRISEUNHAE)
Posted by: Phoebe (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

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