110812 TVXQ visits Super Junior to cheer them up

12 Agu

TVXQ visited Super Junior to cheer them up.

On the 12th, Super Junior’s Donghae posted a picture on his twitter account with the comment, “TVXQ came to the set for Music Bank. It’s been ten years since we first met. Thank you!”

In the picture, Yunho, Kim Heechul, and Donghae are holding their thumbs up. As Donghae tweeted, Yunho visited Super Junior’s waiting room to cheer them up.

People responded: “Cheer up!” “You guys have really close friendship.” “Wow, already ten years!” “I hope TVXQ and Super Junior can be together forever.”

Super Junior released their 5th album ‘Mr. Simple’. Their title track ‘Mr.Simple’ is a metaphorical tribute to people getting stuck in the modern day rat race: never taking a break, always working, and getting caught up in technology and social media.

Meanwhile, a lot of singers appears on Music Bank, including, Super Junior, miss A, SISTAR, Kim Hyun Ah, MBLAQ, Dal Shabet, Maya, Teen Top, ZE:A, Infinite, and more.

Source: TV Report from Natedkrogers
Posted by elf101586 (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

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