[NEWS] Super Junior’s Siwon And TVXQ’s Yunho Transforms Themselves Into Tough Maritime Policemen

16 Sep


In the early morning of September 15, Choi Siwon, one of the members of Super Junior and a popular Korean actor, tweeted photos with the comment: “Here’s Yunho who plays Gang Eun Cheol in Poseidon. Despite his killing schedule, busily coming and going between countries, he has an unapproachable passion to be a good actor. I want to give my big clap to him.”

In the photos, Siwon and Yunho are giving their thumbs up in a friendly manner. Dressed in the uniform of the maritime police, they look attractively rough and tough.

People who saw the photos said: “I’m really looking forward watching his new drama series Poseidon!” “They look so cool in the uniform.” “Both of them are amazingly handsome.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of the new drama series Poseidon, in which Choi Siwon plays one of the lead characters, will air on September 19.

By Jang Chang Hwan (pontan@osen.co.kr)

Source: Osen (Original article in Korean)
Photo from Osen
Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com

REuploaded by [shosho]@13plus2stars

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