111113 Super Junior’s Donghae will be singing the ending theme song for Extravagant Challenge

13 Nov

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In the first half of 2011, Super Junior members Donghae and Siwon were not only busy promoting Super Junior-M’s “Perfection”, but they were also busy filming scenes for the Taiwanese drama, Extravagant Challenge, which is based off Japanese manga Skip Beat. Now, the drama has finally received an airing date of December 14th!

However, this does pose a slight problem. While the actors and actresses are to be present for when the drama first airs, it appears that there will also be an awards ceremony to be held in Korea on the same day. In order for both Donghae and Siwon to appear at both, SM Entertainment may just let the two skip the awards rehearsal, fly out to Taiwan for the drama airing, then come back for the awards ceremony (where’s the Time-Turner when you need it most?).

In addition, Donghae and Siwon did not speak much Mandarin throughout the drama, so their voices will be dubbed over (boo). Super Junior-M will take the reins in singing the theme song, “Extravagant Solo”, while Donghae was charged with the task of singing the ending theme song, “This is Love”, which is his first Mandarin solo.

I hope that Donghae and Siwon won’t be too exhausted! And I would like to hear both songs!

Credit: Ningin
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